Maintaining Grass

Maintaining Grass on Your Property in Dubai

Maintaining Grass in Dubai has always been a tough job to undertake. The condition of the ground must be kept clean and in order, the maintenance of the turf must be done very well. The best of turf for Dubai is made from a breed of grass called Cynodon that is resistant to diseases and has a very good growing capacity. This proves very advantageous to the owners of the turf. The cost of this kind of grass is very cheap and is available at most of the shops selling this product.

There are other options available for the owners of the ground. One is to use plastic, which is very durable and does not require much maintenance. It can also be used outdoors. This is very useful during the hot summer months when the heat will make the soil unbearable. The grass is susceptible to diseases during its growing stage and can easily be killed by dryness and dehydration.

Another type of turf is one that uses plants as its fertilizer. This is an excellent choice when the weather is dry and the ground is hard and infertile. This type of grass grows very fast and produces healthy, high-quality grass. However, it does require a lot of maintenance.

On the contrary, a turf that grows naturally on the ground is ideal for Dubai. This kind of grass can also be grown indoors in a climate-controlled environment. In this type of maintenance, the professionals use herbicide and insecticide on the turf to protect it against various insects and diseases. This ensures a healthy and high-yielding ground.

The professionals also offer irrigation services. Irrigation is very important in Dubai due to the lack of ground moisture. Water is needed for many purposes, especially for drinking and cooking.

Some of the places have water pumps to bring water to homes and offices, but they run on electricity. This means that electricity is used to pump the water. This is not only expensive, but it also makes it difficult to use.

Grass requires plenty of sunlight. It cannot grow in areas where there is little sunlight or where there is no sunshine at all. Dubai is covered with sand and this limits the amount of sunlight that the turf receives.

That is why maintenance companies offer sun-tolerant turf. There are artificial ways of growing grass on the ground, but Dubai grass is the best variety available. This variety can tolerate any amount of sunlight and has no negative effects on the ground.
There are many other services offered by a turf maintenance company in Dubai.

Fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are used on the ground to keep it healthy. If fertilizers or pesticides are not used on the ground then insects will infest it and there will be more work for the professionals. They need to do the correct application of the chemicals. They also know how much to apply on each square meter of the turf.

In addition to all the maintenance above, turf companies can also help with stormwater control. This is important because Dubai is known to be one of the most storm-prone places in the world. They can design solutions for the stormwater runoff by making changes in the landscape, the foundation of buildings, etc. An experienced turf company in Dubai can handle all these activities on your behalf and ensure that your turf is always green and beautiful.

Stormwater runoff can have damaging effects on the ground. Water is retained below the surface and then drains slowly through cracks and tiny holes in the ground. A simple test can check whether water is collecting at the base of your property. With proper maintenance, you can reduce the problems associated with stormwater runoff and enhance the condition of your turf.

The next step after stormwater runoff has been dealt with is to apply soil erosion inhibitors. Most experts recommend these for properties located below sea level. Using these inhibitors, the soil becomes porous and prevents the build-up of water and mud – two important ingredients for healthy turf.

An important maintenance task is to improve irrigation and watering techniques. Watering is a two-fold process. First, it reduces the amount of water needed to cultivate the grass. Second, it improves the condition of the ground by removing accumulated debris. A good turf company in Dubai can provide expert advice on which practices the best suit your location.

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